Caffé D'Angelo presents the real Italian school for the professionals of espresso, a structure giving an excellent serious training following some aimed courses at different levels for those who want to become a BARISTA. The experience matured in the years makes the "Latte art Coffee School ".



During these 6 hours the students will learn some coffee botany notions, where it is grown and how green coffee is extracted.We will explain the important of blend coffee with several proveniences of green beans from all over the world.

They will work on the grinder-dispenser and the espresso coffee-machine learning the normal cleaning techniques and normal routine.

They will practice it using the Italian grinding and dosage method, but also following the WBC (International barista standard).

Not only we will teach how to make a perfect whipping up and adjust the different temperatures of the milk, but you will also prepare the classical Italian drinks with coffee.


During these 6 hours the students will learn the Latte Art techniques to do the classical drawings on the cappuccino only moving the milk jug and will prepare drinks with cold whipped up milk.

They will see and do some drawings using toppings and the utensil to draw free-hand.

The students will make some recipes of flavored coffee and cocktails with coffee, therefore learning the use of shaker.

They will prepare different hot chocolate with different consistency depending on the local habits.

The cost is Rp.1.500.000 for the basic course and for both courses the cost is 2.500.000. The course does not include: trip, stay and overnight stay of the participants.
Training and staff development at our service centre Serpong BSD Jakarta. Max four (4) student per lection.