D'Angelo Espresso Bar


The result of careful selection of raw materials from the finest sources, knowledgeably roasted.

Organoleptic and Sensorial Characteristics.

For the sense of the smell it offers an intense and delicate fragrance. For the sense of taste, its flavor, characterized by its delicacy, present a good body and a substantial rotundity. Amongst the flavors, the one that prevails is that of sweetness whose value is high, but is abated by the presence of bitterness. The acidity value is negligible and the savory one is completely non-existent. The aroma is striking for its intricacy and delicacy and offers the palate interesting hints of plain chocolate, vanilla and toasted cereals, which also remain in the lingering aftertaste which is endowed with a good degree of delicacy.


D'Angelo Dolce Crema


A fine selection of 100% Arabica beans, a delicate and suave blend

D'Angelo Dolce Crema blend is the new ultra in quality Italian espresso coffee. Its refined and unforgettable flavor stems from the outstanding mix of different types of Arabica, especially selected raw beans which come from only the best areas of production in South & Central America, and are then perfectly aged and roasted. A fine blend that distinguishes itself for its delicacy, as well as its well balanced, sweet and rich aroma. This delicate blend with floral hints leaves a pleasant chocolaty aftertaste.
This new blend "D'Angelo Dolce Crema" made for our costumers who required the top of quality on their coffee passion and skills are the ingredients for a great Italian Espresso.


Coffee Pods 





Available in both normal and decaffeinated the coffee pod is ideal for all corporate and small business environments. Decaffeinated pods are also suited to commercial coffee machines as well. The coffee pod is the answer to no mess, coffee at the push of a button. Each pod is freshly ground and sealed in individually vacuum-sealed packs for ultimate quality and freshness and has a shelf life of two years.Coffee blends, which are meticulously weighed, ground, pre-dosed and pressed, are sealed using a special procedure in a protective atmosphere between two filtering paper layers.


The method of preservation under controlled atmosphere guarantees a product that is always fresh and maintains its original aroma and fragrance over time.

The special packaging ensures the product a long shelf life without any alteration in the fragrance or taste.

Each pod is packaged and protected in an individual heat-sealed wrapper which perfectly insulates it from any environmental agents (humidity, water, temperature changes).

The single-serving pod eliminates the need for daily grinding and ensures the maximum hygiene without mess or product waste.


Coffee Filter

Suitable for filter coffee machines, blend Sumatra e central Java; come in gr.500 packing.