Cioccolata D'Angelo





 La Cioccolata "Sensual, aphrodisiac" simply like a Chocolate!!!

The once upon a time taste, that is still loved today, an Italian drinking chocolate which can be enjoyed hot or cold. Its easily combined with milk and heated to create a rich creamy drink, full of real chocolate flavor.

Chocolate is nutriment for the spirit, relief for the body and energy for the mind. It is the sublime drive, a way of living, a state of being, and the inner hope that all which is more around becomes sweeter. Cioccolata D'Angelo is the passion selects and blends the best yield, the creativity with which it renders contemporary very old fragrances, the taste which invites you to burst open a path of pure sensuality.
Packaged by aluminum bags saving freshness of 250 gr. & 1.000 gr.






How would you like your chocolate ??..............