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ALU Bolle and Stille

It's Appreciated by nature, including it's glass packing

ALU Bolle and Stille are good, beautifull and respect the environment. thank to their content - uncontaminated water off Monte Pigna - and glass, a natural material recyclable endless times. Who said that returnable water bottles are standard products and they are all the same? Bolle and Stille change the way of drinking water, they enhance the style of your table and make you save time, money and space. Quality, style as well as new sizes. ALU Bolle and Stille multiply their capacities: 50 and 33 cl. bottles are added to the classical bottle of 75 cl. The new sizes favour consumption opportunities without losing charm and quality. ALU Bolle and Stille are good, beautiful and respect the environment. Thanks to their contents – the uncontaminated water of the Pigna mount – and for having chosen glass – a natural material recyclable endless times – as well as to the home delivery box: a container produced with 80% recycled plastic.

Fonte Santa Barbara

Fixed residue at 180 °C: 34.8 mg/L

pH at the source: 6.2

Sodium Na+: 2.5 mg/L

Specific electrical conductivity at 30 °C: yS/cm 31

Free CO2 at the source: 18.0 mg/L

Total hardness: <1

New Capacities

The Same Charm

Quality, style are well as new size. Returnable ALU Bolle and Stille multiply their capacities : 50 and 33cl. bottles added to classic 75cl bottle. Different for new ways of consumption, but the beauty of shape and the quality of the content remain the same.

Winner 75cl.
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